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Digital IMAGER Enhanced Network Printing Solutions

The Sharp Digital IMAGER series delivers real-time, unparalleled flexibility in printing, copying, scanning and faxing. In bringing you robust multifunctional offerings, we are particularly committed to providing enhanced network printing solutions to our customers.
These solutions start with Sharp's innovative controller technology and modular product design. These core product offerings are then complemented with software solutions that enhance the functionality and increase the compatibility of the IMAGER series network printing capability. This results in scalable and versatile network peripherals designed to meet your workgroup, departmental or production printing requirements.

Sharp's DIGITAL IMAGER Administration Utility Suite is a powerful set of software utilities that simplifies the installation, monitoring and use of your digital IMAGER as both a network printer and multifunction device. Further, Sharp recognizes the need to integrate the management of this network peripheral with deployed Enterprise Management Systems (EMS), and has embarked on a series of alliance initiatives with leading providers of EMS software.

Other initiatives to enhance the print functionality of Sharp's Digital IMAGER series include integration in host printing environments, as well as several print queue management offerings geared to maximize your print efficiency.

Sharp also offers a powerful Security Suite offering, designed to protect your sensitive documents from unauthorized access. As the first office equipment company to have a digital product receive Common Criteria validation, Sharp leads the industry in marketing security solutions. In environments where confidentiality is a concern, the Sharp Data Security Kit and Sharp's complementary security solutions assure that your printed, copied, and scanned documents remain confidential.

AR-M620N Network Ready Digital Imager

As a standard networkable, user-friendly system, the AR-M620N Imager can connect people, combine functions, manipulate and control information in ways never before possible.
The new 150-sheet Duplex Single Pass Feeder with Sharp's innovative Scan2 Technology scans both sides of a two-sided document in one pass - minimizing paper misfeeds and improving reliability.

Copy/Print Speed   

  62 pages per minute

Print Language   

PCL5e/PCL6 standard; optional PS3 kit 
Maximum Paper Capacity    6,600 sheets (with options)
Job Build capability    Allows up to 10,000 pages to be combined into one
       document (with optional Hard Disk Drive)
150-Sheet Duplex Single-Pass Document Feeder       Allows copying/scanning/faxing of a two-sided original
      in a single-pass
Optional Advanced Finishing Capabilities    Saddle-stitch finisher with hole punching; two-tray
       sorting/stapling finisher option as well as a post-sheet
       inserter finisher are available
Standard Tandem Copy/Print capability    Connect two systems over the network and double your
Alpha-numeric touch-screen LCD display panel    User-friendly control panel allows you to enter e-mail    
      addresses for efficient distribution of documents
Standard Document Filing       Enables users to easily archive documents to the hard
      drive of the system

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